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The Side Hustle Business Course

A business course that can be combined with a fulltime job or a (growing) family; your first or last year of school; as a graduate or while job-hunting.

This might sound too good to be true right? Wrong! It's possible and this is exactly what I wanted to create with the Side Hustle Business Course. A course that is an addition to your current life and not an obstacle.

I once started my company Twenty 6 Consultancy as a side hustle. I’ve always been interested in helping others chase their dreams and start their own company. I started my own company to just do that. I help aspiring, starting and established entrepreneurs with their strategies through interactive workshops. Now having worked for my employer close to 3 years, I decided to quit my daytime job and pursue my own dreams. It took me a few years to transform my side hustle into my main hustle and a few months to create a program that will help others start a similar journey.

The beginning

The inspiration of creating this business course definitely came from my surroundings. I always hear many people talk about wanting to start their own company or people talking about their many business ideas. However, most of these ideas or companies will never see the light of day. Talk is cheap and so is dreaming, but putting in the hours and getting the work done is different. People often want to start working on something, but have no clue where to start or what to do. I was frustrated by the fact that procrastination is a disease that kills many dreams. Frustrated by the fear many people live in and all the preconceptions there are about starting a “whole” company. In order to make this process less scary and accessible, I wanted to empower others to actually start. Making sure this entrepreneurial journey sounds and feels less intimidating, I created a hands-on program that will allow you to start something on the side. Next to your day job without actually having to quit.

The idea itself

As someone who has a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, I know first-hand that most of the theories we learn won’t be used or put to the test. The average business course focusses on theories and the not so practical stuff. That's why I had to create something of value, with theories and exercises that could be used and would make a difference. A course that will help people start their own side hustle, in a month – 28 days to be exact.

Now more than ever I feel like it’s my vocation to help others achieve their dreams. I have surrounded myself with the most aspiring and motivating people that allowed me to reach my goals. I would like to create an environment for others where they can feel inspired and motivated to do so too. I want to reciprocate the joy, growth and independence I felt while starting my side hustle and I am determined to help others feel the same way. However, with a much clearer guideline I had back then. No big marketing terms and complicated 5-year plans. Just clear guidelines, usable theories and fun exercises that allow you to get started right away. Let’s not forget meeting like-minded people with similar goals and ambitions.

Side Hustle Business Course Syllabus
Download PDF • 131KB

About me

I started my own company Twenty 6 Consultancy as a side hustle and have slowly transitioned it into my main source of income. I majored in Small Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences; I’m a learning designer and an expert in business development, idea generation and strategies. I’ve always tried to empower people to start their own company and helped them throughout this process. While most courses and studies focus on the theoretical part of starting a business, I decided to create a hands-on course that enables you to learn by executing. This course allows you to start your own business in just 5 weeks, without having to quite your day job. 

Check out the business course here for more information.


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