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From idea generation to earning extra money in just

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Start your own side hustle
in 5 weeks!

Having a main source of income should not stop you from making extra money with something you’re passionate about! Use your current skillset as a foundation to transform an idea into a paying side hustle. Grow and develop new skills & expertise as you’re constantly challenged to step outside of your comfort zone. A side hustle has many benefits: from an extra source of income that helps you achieve financial independence to empowerment, all while you’re doing this on your own terms and in your spare time.


About the course

Side Hustle Business Course

This 5-week online course explores the many opportunities this world has to offer. The power of observation will be used to identify opportunities and transform them into ideas. Usable business knowledge will be taught and used to set-up your first side hustle. You will learn to generate business ideas, and have a basic understanding of finances and business development. Before the end of the this course you will launch your hustle, thus we will be focusing on potential ideas that can be launched quickly. After participating in this course, you will have the right knowledge to start earning with your hustle. You will get all the necessary tools to grow your hustle and start many more in the future. Methodologies such as Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup and theories from authors such as Chris Guillebeau will be used.


Course outline

What you will learn


Week 1

A line up of Ideas

A side hustle has many benefits, but it all starts with several good ideas that actually work.



How you will learn

Hands-on learning is combined with a fast-paced online environment to create a powerful experience.

  • The Side Hustle Business Course takes place online and is held in small groups (max. 15 participants);

  • Every week there will be an interactive workshop to kick of the weekly module and dive deeper into the content and exercises;

  • Weekly workshops are on Sunday's and take 2,5 hours each. During these sessions your knowledge will be boosted, questions will be answered and challenges will be discussed;

  • An additional commitment of 5-7 hours per week can be expected to be invested in setting up your hustle;

  • Individual tasks and exercises are flexible and designed to be carried out in your spare time; 

  • Collaboration is encouraged by having interactions and discussions with your fellow side hustlers;

  • We highly encourage you to share your perspective on other participants' work to create and encourage an interactive experience.


Participants & Requirements

Who is this course for & Requirements

  • Busy people looking to start a business on the side while still having the safety of their main job;

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business but have no idea where to start;

  • People who are currently unemployed and are interested in getting back into the market as an entrepreneur. Or unemployed people who are looking to grow their current skillset through this course;

  • Students who rather have a side hustle than a job on the side.

  • A business background or University degree is not required to participate in this course;

  • What could benefit you is somewhat of an entrepreneurial spirit or being open to growing the entrepreneurial mindset;

  • Having a potential side hustle idea beforehand is not required to participate in this course;

  • All workshops and exercises will be in English, a sufficient knowledge of English is required.


Next course

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Deon Best

Do you have an entrepreneurial itch, but don't know exactly how you should or could start for yourself? This course will help you identify and organize your thoughts on the matter and has very clear and direct guidelines in order for you to start your own side hustle in just a little over a month.


Sandra Roberts

I enjoyed following this course. It gave me insights on how I could build a good foundation and how I can grow my side hustle. Being in a small group made it very interactive and inspiring.


H. Renfurm

The Side Hustle Business Course will get you so excited about an idea you didn’t even know you had. You will get the right tools and have confidence to start your Side Hustle right after the course with the highest chances of it succeeding. Even if you were not planning to start right away.

Course facilitator

Renate Matroos started her own company Twenty 6 Consultancy as a side hustle and has slowly transitioned it into her main source of income. She majored in Small Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences; is a learning designer and an expert in business development, idea generation and strategies. She has always tried to empower people to start their own company and helped them through this process. While most courses and studies focus on the theoretical part of starting a business, she decided to create a hands-on course that enables you to learn by executing. This course allows you to start your own business in just 5 weeks, but more importantly it helps you change your current mindset. All without having to quit your day job.

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