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5 reasons why you must have a side hustle!

A side hustle is, simply put, a secondary job that brings in extra cash next to the primary source of income. Having a side hustle can be out of necessity or out of desire. Not sure why you should definitely start your own side hustle sooner than later? These 5 reasons tell you why!

1. Motivating and empowering

Having more than one revenue stream and enjoying a diverse range of income is motivating and empowering. Running your own business boosts your confidence once you uncover your endless amount of abilities. And boy you have no clue how much you're able and capable of doing...until you start hustling! Even when certain things don't go as planned, having a hustle teaches you to deal with that.

One of the skills you will master is being resilient: not succeeding at first, but learning from these"failures" and getting back up quick to try again.

It might sound insane, but failing becomes fun when you're actively looking for different ways to succeed.

2. Investing in Personal development

Logically, you would not link side hustles to personal growth. Let alone seeing it as an investment in your personal development. As you start hustling, you're put into a steep learning curve. Navigating in this complex world and figuring out what to do, allows you to learn new skills and experiences. Challenges allow you to develop certain parts in your life that otherwise would not have been developed.

As you slowly get out of your comfort zone you will start carrying out certain actions, executing specific tasks and putting yourself in positions that you wouldn't have done elsewhere. As you start understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, your current knowledge will expand. Hard and soft skills will be developed much faster, resulting in an all-around skill set. Ultimately, this all leads to growth.

3. Feeling of purpose

Working for the same employer for years or having the same function for a longer period of time, can possibly result in loosing the meaning of or feeling for your work. The sense of purpose and the flowing energy that is released when doing something exiting, can easily be refilled with a side gig. Whenever you're really passioned about something or when you're in direct contact with prospects and clients, you will experience the irrefutable impact of anything you touch.

Combining something you love; find important in life; happen to be good at; with something you can get paid for, sounds too good to be true -except it's not. That is exactly what you can achieve while having your own hustle. Think about it, anytime you don't feel your purpose at your job any longer, you can not just quit and get another job. But any time you have achieved your purpose within your side hustle, you can simply move on and start this proces all over again.

4. Peace of mind

With everything going on in your busy life, I'm pretty sure you're not looking to add more stress onto that pile. Believe me or not (I'd rather you do so, by the way), as a side hustler you learn to have a better work-life balance. The only time you can spend on hustling is the remaining free time you have.

Too many people are always working late to get the job done or spending way too much time on busywork (work that keeps a person busy but has little value in itself.) Having something additional in your life that you're passionate and excited about will force you set better boundaries. This stops you from letting work take over your evenings and weekends, especially when it gives you very little in return.

5. Extra source of income

The money aspect might be one of the main reasons most people start with this journey. At the end however, they always end up gaining so much more.

It's best to start-off with something on the side when you (still) have your day job. This gives you a sense of freedom, not being tied to any obligations while still being secured by your primary income source. This allows you to experiment and learn without any pressure. Even if you would have had a good amount of money saved up, the fear of running out of money and thus time would soon creep up. This exact fear would end up being the biggest distraction that will keep you from succeeding.

Also, whenever you start this journey alongside your job you will not be depending on the (little) money coming in at first. This sense of independence brings a confidence that allows you to charge what your offer is actually worth. This also makes it feasible to solely do work and projects that you're truly passioned about. This sure wouldn't be the case with your main source of income. If times were to get though for one reason or another; you would feel compelled to say yes to anything coming your way, just to keep your head above the water. Validating an idea while still having the security and comfort of a steady income, is the real side hustle way to go.

Having a primary source of income should not stop you from making extra money with something you’re passionate about!

What's next?

This probably all sounds good, yet here you are: wondering if you're actually the right person to do this. Just know this, if you realise it or not: in this exact moment you have just the right amount of knowledge and skills to pave the way and start a side hustle. Everything else will be learned along the way. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure you're going to like it. I already see you gazing away and thinking about doing this for a living!

Now that I got your attention: The next Side Hustle Business Course will kick-off on February 21st and will run until March 21st, 2021. In this online course you will turn any idea of yours into your next side hustle. And even if you don't have an idea yet, you sure will have several potential ideas after the first week. I don't want to bore you too much with the serious stuff, so head over here and simply sign up for the next course (okay, make sure you read the important stuff first)!


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