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🎆Another Happy New Year Blog (but not really)!🎆

I hope you had a smooth transition and start to the New Year and I truly hope you will achieve anything and everything you put your mind to!

Now that most madness is behind us this might be the right time to look back at the past year. Obviously not to procrastinate, but to figure out what has been working for you and what hasn’t, what you were able to achieve, and what you would like to do differently. With these insights, you will be able to set goals for the next 90 days.

And guess what? I will help you do this!

I recently launched a new On-demand workshop: End-of-year Reflection and believe me when I tell you that now might be the perfect moment to set your goals.

This 90-minute workshop is perfect for anyone who is looking to reflect on the past year and start the new year with some direction. You’ll be guided in understanding your own reactions and behavior better, transforming these insights into (learning) opportunities, and developing a mindset that gets things done.

And yes, it’s on-demand! Participate anytime and anywhere – as long as it’s convenient for you. Check out the introduction video below and sign up right away!

Feel free to send me an email at or drop me a line on LinkedIn if you have any questions!


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