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The importance of Entrepreneurship in Education

Entrepreneurial education: why it’s important and beneficial to students, education and the industry.

Entrepreneurship in education is one way to increase students' entrepreneurial characteristics. While some say that entrepreneurial talent is inborn, others believe that entrepreneurial skills and personal characteristics can be developed through entrepreneurial education. Its importance can be found in both education and the industry, and might even be a way to open more job opportunities and reduce unemployment among students and graduates.

What is entrepreneurial education?

Entrepreneurial education (E2) can be defined in different ways. According to researchers A.Fayolle and B.Gailly it includes all activities that stimulate the entrepreneurial mindset, skills, and attitudes and covers different aspects such as idea generation, growth, and innovation. F.Linan, et al. define it as a teaching and learning activity about entrepreneurship including the development of personal knowledge, skills, attitudes, and character. In short, it helps students understand the process of establishing and managing a new business venture better.

Why E2?

Commonly entrepreneurial education shows students that entrepreneurship is also a career choice they can choose from. The goal typically ranges from understanding the ins and outs of entrepreneurship to equipping students with the right skills that can be applied directly.

Where it goes wrong

Many learning institutions fail to match their educational goals with the right teaching method. Depending on the specific purpose or educational goal, the most effective teaching methods should be a reflection of that.

If the goal is to increase students understanding of entrepreneurship, the most effective way to provide information is through media, lectures or webinars. If you're aiming to give students applicable skills: training or education should have a more practical approach where students are placed directly in the entrepreneurial process.

The effectiveness of a student's learning experience ultimately depends on the institutions' ability to apply the right learning methods to their own educational goals. As well as understanding students' personal motives and needs when attending an entrepreneurial program.

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