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Exploring the barriers to taking action - Is Busyness the Main Barrier or Are Other Factors at Play?

There is no right way to start a business, that’s the beauty of entrepreneurship. But there are plenty of reasons why people are not getting started, and that is the challenge that needs to be addressed head-on.

If you’re struggling to kickstart your next business adventure, it might be time to find out what’s been holding you back and find ways to get started…. Spoiler alert, it all boils down to taking action.

I’m in the process of starting a new business, and this idea isn’t something that came to mind overnight. It’s something that has been on my mind for the last 7 years. But why now? And why didn’t I dive into this sooner? Let me take you on a brief trip down memory lane.

I’ve always had a hard time finding beautiful lingerie in my size, and if you’re somewhat curvy, you probably relate to this problem. With bigger sizes in general, it seems like you can’t have it all. Bigger cup size? No problem at all, here is a boring white, beige or black grandma bra for you. Looking for something more exciting? Then you'll have to settle for an ill-fitting, mediocre-looking bra with zero support. Traditional lingerie doesn’t cater to non-traditional bodies, leaving curvy bodies neglected in the intimate wear industry. Why? I have no clue.

Seven years ago I decided to dive into the world of lace, elastics, mesh, and underwires. I did two short courses in London to learn more about the lingerie industry. While I learned a lot, my conclusion after completing these rather traditional courses is that I would roughly need €30.000 to establish a complete collection. And that’s all they essentially kept emphasizing, needing € 30K to get started. At that time, I did not have the knowledge nor skill set to see a world of opportunities and explore alternatives with way less. So, this idea remained just that — an idea.

Why am I getting to it now, seven years later?

First of all, you don’t need thousands of euros/pounds/dollars/guilders or any currency to begin. Secondly, you'll never feel or be completely prepared, knowledgeable, or skilled enough. And as for perfect timing? That simply doesn’t exist. The only real reason is that I decided to commit this time around. Commit to crafting a meticulously planned and thought-out concept, commit to mastering the art of sewing intimate wear, commit to stepping out of my comfort zone and making it happen.

Reasons why people don’t get started sooner

As a learning designer who works with aspiring entrepreneurs, I’m constantly researching and delving into their needs, aspirations, and challenges. And as a nosy person, I’m always interested in understanding why people, dreaming of starting their own company, never get to it. I’ve observed recurring patterns of why people withhold getting started. In this blog, I’ll dive deeper into these most common reasons, drawing from both my professional expertise and personal experience. I’ve also outlined effective strategies to tackle these obstacles head-on.

Fear of Failure

The uncertainty of whether your idea will succeed or not can be daunting. It’s natural to think that if you don’t start, you won’t fail, right? Well that might seem true, but you’re also robbing yourself of success, personal growth, and fulfilling a long (or short) lived dream.

Overcoming the fear of failure is mighty crucial for taking that initial step. It’s about reframing your mindset about failure, recognizing it as a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. Instead of focusing on the possibility of failure, view this as an opportunity to learn and grow. So next time you find yourself contemplating and wondering “What if I fail?” consider asking yourself “What if I succeed?” instead.


Lack of Confidence

Financial concerns


Lack of planning


External Factors

Lack of support

Analysis paralysis

From fear of failure to the allure of perfection, various factors can hinder your progress when pursuing your business ideas. By acknowledging and understanding these barriers, you can empower yourself to overcome them. Now that you have a better understanding of your obstacles, it's time for the next step. Choose one or two strategies that feel most impactful to you and commit to implementing them into your routine. Remember, progress comes from consistent effort and carrying out smaller tasks consistently.

Need a more practical and personalized approach to getting started? Schedule a 60-minute call with me, and let's work together on turning your ideas into action.

So, next time you hear someone express doubts about market demand, competition or time constraints to execute an idea, remember that these surface-level concerns may not be the actual reasons they’re not getting started.

Feel free to send me an email at or drop me a line on LinkedIn if you have any questions!


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