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New years resolutions don't work, setting achievable goals does!

We all start thinking about them around this time of the year: things we want to get started with or stop doing when the new year is around. Thus, Evita Sanches from Mpowr and I reflected on the ways we achieve our goals during our live session on December 8th.

New years resolutions, you suck!

I stopped setting new years resolutions a decade ago, simply because they were always the same and never attained. I wanted to look for an alternative that wouldn't give me the feeling of being a failure after not reaching my resolutions once again. Instead, I was looking for a way that would allow me to reach most if not all my goals, consistently.

Now, many years later, I have found a way that works for me and will hopefully work for you too. Instead of having new years resolutions, which are doomed to fail from the get go, I set realistic goals. For many people setting big and ambitious goals isn't the problem, achieving them however is. The following tips help me accomplish my goals and hopefully they will help you too!

Visualise your goals

I visualise all my goals on a white board and in my Remarkable notebook. I write down specifically what I want to accomplish, by when and how I'm planning on attaining this. Every-time I walk see the masterpiece I'm constantly reminded of:

  • What I'm working on at the moment;

  • Where I'm heading;

  • How far along I am and what needs to be done to get it done.

This always gives me a little boost of inspiration whenever I feel stuck or feel like quitting.

Deadlines + milestones

I start with the end-goal in mind, a specific date by when I would like to have that goal reached. After that, I think of smaller deadlines or milestones I want to achieve. Those milestones are written down and also scheduled in my agenda as a reminder. I regularly check-in with myself to see the progress and look for ways to get closer to my goals.

Put in the work

I feel like this is often the most challenging thing to do: executing the work to get the job done. What I have been noticing lately is that putting in the work and doing different tasks, is often more satisfying than completing the goal.

Why? For me it has to do with quantity. I may reach a specific goal once... but the dedicated work, the smaller milestones and all the hours I put in occur more often and on a more regular basis. If it is a task I don't look forward to, I make sure to reward myself afterwards (it can be as simple as a cup of coffee at a spot I haven't been to yet). But most importantly I make working on my goals fun.

How does Evita achieve her goals?

Interested in knowing which gems work for Evita? Check out the live session here!

What's next?

The above is pretty useless if you haven't set any goals yet, right?

In case you're interested in setting achievable goals I would like to invite you to my annual End of Year Reflection workshop on December 15th. I will guide you in a personal reflection and help you set your own goals for the year to come.

Feel free to send me an email at or drop me a line on LinkedIn if you have any questions!


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