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What will your next adventure be?

Running lean iterate from Plan A to a plan that works
Running Lean

Are you willing to put in the work to find out what your next business adventure will be and what problem out there is worth being solved? If so, you should definitely keep reading.

This next hack by Ash Maurya (#Running #Lean) about finding a problem worth solving is so easy to execute, it feels like cheating!

It all starts at the beginning of it all

Jump into a specific topic, niche or hobby you're passionate about and surround yourself with other passionate people. Why? People have problems, this is inevitable. You, the entrepreneur, are wired to look for solutions.

What do (or could) you spend hours and hours on? From gaming to hiking, maintaining a community garden to doing drag racing (not to be mistaken with RuPaul's Drag Race), executing a specific sport to going out for drinks and dinner. Get into the habit of talking and start by talking to your fellow passionistas and listen to them. Yes, just listen.

What do they struggle with? What frustrates them? What annoyed them on their way over? While executing your similar interest, what happens to go wrong way too often?

(Not) so peanuts

One great benefit of you having these conversations is that you have a similar interest, and talking about that is peanuts. What isn’t so peanuts is listening. These conversations aren't for you to talk about your frustrations or interest, it’s about theirs. Anytime you’re about to agree with your talking partner and share your personal experience, just remember that: you’re not that important in this one! I sound mighty mean right now, and as I’m typing this I’m like dayum girl who made you mad today? But honestly, this will happen at least once and when you catch yourself slipping please wink once and remember to just listen!

10 people or so

Talk to a few people. I always aim to talk to about 10 people, but this could be different in your case. I wish I had a better reason for why 10 is the right amount for me, but I do this because I simply like the number, it’s a nice goal to reach but most importantly around this amount answers usually keep reoccurring. This is also the moment where I’m ready for the next activity. For you this might be completely different as I can imagine instances where you’re with a group of 20 to 30 people where they can all easily give you their input. This makes it easier to reach a higher number, effortlessly.

A red thread

Certain activities get you in contact with others more easily than others, in case you’re not sure how you can reach more than one person… Well, there you have your next mission. Or just ask that one person for more referrals as 1 can lead to 2 and suddenly you spoke to 10 people.

There will be red thread, an element that keeps coming back, through all the conversations you had. In order to find out what that is you need to ask yourself an important question:

What kept coming up over and over again, often said differently?

What did all those people have in common or what were they all experiencing in some kind of way? This is what your entrepreneurial journey will be about: finding and creating a solution to help solve a challenge for others!

Feel free to send me an email at or drop me a line on LinkedIn if you have any questions!


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