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Problem-solving workshop

From starting entrepreneurs to seasoned ones, a hands-on problem-solving session to help participants tackle business challenges head-on.

Equip your audience with the ability to tackle (complex) business problems with creativity and problem-solving skills. Provide them with a valuable learning experience that gives them a better understanding of ways to identify and analyze problems, generate and evaluate potential solutions and implement an effective action plan. Entrepreneurs will gain practical problem-solving skills and a framework for approaching challenges in a structured manner.

We’ll help you build a stronger relationship with your audience by providing you with valuable insights and feedback from workshop participants.


  • A two-hour virtual workshop facilitated by an expert facilitator

  • Expert advice and feedback from the workshop facilitator

  • Networking opportunities for participants and entrepreneurs

What participants will leave with:

  1. Practical problem-solving skills that are applicable in a variety of situations

  2. A framework for identifying and analyzing problems

  3. Strategies for generating and evaluating potential solutions

  4. An effective action plan for implementing solutions and overcoming obstacles

  5. Feedback on their personalized roadmap.

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