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Idea generation workshop

An action-packed business idea generation workshop for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to unleash creativity and kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Offer your audience a rich experience to generate creative and innovative business ideas. This workshop is aimed to help participants generate new ideas and solutions that can be turned into viable businesses. Aspiring entrepreneurs will be provided with tools to combine personal and professional skills, and the confidence to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

We’ll provide you with valuable insights and feedback from workshop participants allowing you to build a stronger relationship with your audience.


  • A two-hour virtual workshop facilitated by an expert facilitator

  • Expert advice and feedback from the workshop facilitator

  • Networking opportunities for participants and upcoming entrepreneurs

What participants will leave with:

  1. Techniques for unlocking creativity and generating new ideas

  2. Strategies for identifying and evaluating the potential of business ideas

  3. Tips for collaborating with others to refine and develop ideas

  4. A curated list of tools and resources for idea generation and business development

  5. Actionable steps to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and turn ideas into reality.

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