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Interactive programs students to teach them 21st centery skills and help them set up real-life businesses.

"We want to shake up the traditional school system and replace boring classes with interactive programs. One school at a time."


Tailer-made programs

What we do

We help students discover a range of divergent skills and set up real companies from a young age. Out of experience we've noticed that most schools have a very theoretical way of teaching when it comes to entrepreneurship.


Depending on your preference and the possibilities: programs usually run from 5 to 16 weeks and are facilitated online or in-person. All programs fit each schools' education level and needs. The approach we have found to work and love is the learning-by-doing principle. We combine this with specific theories and models that are needed to successfully setting up a real business. This can be part of an exisiting minor such as Entrepreneurship or part of the school's curriculum.



How we do it

Most traditional classes are very traditional for that matter, our interactive classes are the complete opposite. While we teach new knowledge, different (soft) skills are developed while working on developing a business idea.

Our programs are designed to encourage collaboration among students. Different backgrounds, expertises, views and visions are stimulated and encouraged when working together. All classes are structured in a way to have the look, feel and set up of a workshop and are facilitated in-person or online. Thus all workshops are highly creative, interactive and focussed on the main goal of setting up a "real business".


Entrepreneurship has different important aspects, but the most important methodologies, tools and business culture will be covered:

  • Entrepreneurship from a business perspective

  • The person behind the success

  • Testing business ideas

  • Pitching and selling your offer

  • Strategies and business models

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Pupils & Students

Who we do it for

Our programs are designed on behalf of high schools and higher education and are followed by pupils and students. During these classes we focus on essential skills, expertise and experience that can actually be used when getting out in the real world.


While the traditional school system focusses on hard skills: teachable and measurable abilities such as writing, reading, math or ability to use computer programs - we focus on the complete opposite. We help develop a range of different soft skills: personal qualities that help peers thrive at school and far beyond that. If students don't end up working in their own company but for an employer, these skills will help them thrive either way:

  • Problem solving

  • Collaboration

  • Creative thinking

  • Presenting

  • Pitching

  • Personal development

  • Reflecting

  • And more...

Our participants' needs are always on the foreground, this allows us to tailer these programs even more and guide these students to succeed to the best of their ability.  

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