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More engagement, better ideas and practical applications for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Struggling to create
engaging & non-boring workshops for
starting entrepreneurs?

We've created workshops for people
who want to generate business ideas,
so you* don't have to.

*in higher education, governmental institutions, small business owners and institutions that host entrepreneurship

Starting a business using your own skills

Exploring personal and professional skills to kickoff a new business adventure.

Innovative ideas for beginners

Collaborative brainstorm session to come up with innovative ideas that have yet to be discovered.

The solution generating workshop

Observing daily problems that are worth solving for yourself or others.

We've facilitated these workshops for

What we do.

Translating your audience’s needs into engaging and non-boring workshops can be challenging. Finding someone who is specialized in entrepreneurship and experienced in transforming and replicating real-world experiences in a fun workshop, isn’t easy either!

Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs need to be taught immediate, real-world, and applicable skills to run a successful business. We’ve created business idea generation workshops, so you don’t have to.  

It all starts with an idea, but how do you find one that is aligned with your interests and background? How do you create something that has potential and isn’t already abundantly present on every corner? Which problems deserve a solution worth creating? What skills do you currently master that should definitely be put to use?


It all starts with an idea and we guide your participants in finding several.

How we do it. 

We know your audience like no other and our learning experiences are designed with them in mind. We’ve pre-designed 3 workshops using a format, several techniques and tools that have proven to work. 


Our learning-by-doing approach has been tested extensively and allows participants to put their learnings into practice. By applying these insights and adjusting them to fit their personal goals, ideas, these workshops are ideal for any background or field to work and start a business in. With a backpack full of new insights, a purpose, and a clear idea, participants are ready to get started as soon as the workshop is over.


These workshops have inspired and motivated countless participants in taking the leap of faith into entrepreneurship.  


We continuously alter our learning experiences to help upcoming entrepreneurs develop 21-century skills and make them resilient for the future.

How we work.

Our process is as easy as 4 steps.

1. Discovery call:

A discovery call to understand your needs and decide which workshop(s) fit those best. 


2. Workshop:

An interactive workshop facilitated by us, but on your behalf. We do the heavy lifting, and you decide who will be present and if it's online or offline. 


3. Recap:

Participants receive a feedback form and we'll send you all the insights we've gathered during and after our workshop. 


4. ​Test & Iterate:

We're constantly looking for and trying out the latest theories and exercises to improve our sessions. This way we can keep helping you reach your goals more effectively.