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Idea Factory

Inspiration sessions for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Sometimes you need help from the outside to see things differently on the inside. It all starts with a blueprint that will guide you in reaching your goals and creating a sustainable business. A good foundation for your company allows you to exists constantly and grow gradually while doing so.


A critical look from an outsider on your brainchild can be challenging and confronting. More importantly it helps you see opportunities, set clear goals, and keep you alert. This can ultimately lead to different insights, new ideas and innovative concepts. Come up with innovations & concepts, develop or revise your company's strategy or do both in as little as 4 hours.

All packages consists of:

  • A 15-minute intake call;

  • Your online or in-person session(s);

  • Specific desired outcomes and valuable insights;

  • A follow up moment.

Allow us to help you work on your company instead of in it.