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Higher Education

Turning class room inspiration into reality, and ideas into legitimate business ventures

Revolutionizing entrepreneurship programs in Higher Education to help students create their own tomorrow, today!


Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. But if you're looking to level up your entrepreneurship minor or interested in giving your students an unique opportunity to turn their ideas into real-life products and services, you might want to check out our tailor-made bootcamps and workshops.

High-quality and creative education to even more students than before

Increase the flexibility of how students learn

Teach realistic knowledge and understanding of the market

Create activating and challenging entrepreneurial programs

Close the gap between education and entrepreneurial education

We've developed and facilitated learning experiences for

"Apparently, online classes can also be interesting
and catchy."

Dylan Davis, 4th year Finance & Control student

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What we do.

Translating your students needs into dynamic, engaging and non-boring classes is challenging. Finding someone who is specialized in entrepreneurship, and experienced in transforming & replicating real-world experiences in a fun workshop, isn’t easy either!

Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs need to be taught immediate, real-world, and applicable skills to run a successful business. We create workshops and bootcamps for (upcoming) entrepreneurs, so you don’t have to.  

How we do it.

We know students similar to yours, like no other. That's why our learning experiences are designed with them in mind. Our learning-by-doing approach has been tested extensively and allows students to put their learnings into practice, far before the session ends.

We continuously alter our learning experiences to help these future entrepreneurs develop 21st-century skills and make them resilient for the future. Our workshops have inspired and motivated countless students in taking the leap.

How we work.

Our process is as easy as pie. We'll start with a discovery call to understand your needs and get to the bottom of your desired outcome. After that, we'll get to work and design an experience that will help you reach your goals. 

Workshops will be facilitated by us, but on your behalf. After the session(s), we'll gather and use student feedback to learn about their experience and improve future sessions. We will circle back with insights, feedback and appropriate next steps!

Want your students to thank you sooner than later?

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