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Celebrate with us & win a free workshop!

1 May –15 May, 2023


As part of our commitment to making entrepreneurship accessible to all, we're giving away our most requested entrepreneurship workshops to 3 lucky winners.


Nominate your (favorite) community group, incubator or organization with an entrepreneurship program and offer your audience with a rich opportunity to learn new skills, expand their network and take their business to the next level.


Enter today for a chance to win a workshop and help us give back to the community of entrepreneurs! 

Join in 3 easy steps

Get a chance to win a game-changing workshop!

Find your perfect match

Decide which workshop you would like to win. We have several exciting options available for higher education, communities and incubators looking to promote entrepreneurship.

Claim your spot right away

Complete the entry form on our website and fill in basic information including the name and email address of the nominee, and read the giveaway rules (FAQ) to ensure your entry is complete & eligible.

Spread the love and Pass along

Help us achieve our mission of making entrepreneurship accessible to all, by sharing this exciting giveaway with one person or organization that could benefit from this opportunity! Publicover AMS-81.jpg

Enter to Win One of Our High-Value Workshops

Kick off a new business adventure by combining personal and professional skills or collaborate with fellow participants to discover cutting-edge ideas and gain valuable skills.

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A practical workshop equipping participants with the tools and strategies to turn ideas into reality, leaving them with a solid plan to take their business to the next level.

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Learn to approach complex problems with clarity and creativity and leave the workshop with valuable skills to any overcome obstacles, and build a solid foundation for future growth.

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Twenty 6 Consultancy turns 5!

What makes this giveaway so special? 

And some other Qs we imagine you might have...

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