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"We want to shake up the traditional school system and replace boring classes with interactive programs, one school at a time."

What we do

We create tailor-made programs for high schools and universities to help students set up real businesses.

Out of experience we've noticed that most schools have a very theoretical way of teaching when it comes to entrepreneurship.


The approach we have found to work and love is the learning-by-doing principle combined with specific theories and models that are needed to start a business.


How we do it

Most traditional classes are very traditional for that matter, our interactive classes are the complete opposite. While new knowledge is thought, different (soft) skills are developed all while working on developing a business idea.

Entrepreneurship can be very isolating when done alone. Our programs are designed to encourage collaboration among students. Different backgrounds, expertises, views and visions are stimulated and encouraged when working together.


All classes are structured in a way to have the look, feel and set up of a workshop and are facilitated in-person or online.

Why we do it

Some things can't be taught in school. At least not setting up and running your first business, right?

Renate Matroos, learning designer & facilitator, dipped her toes in the entrepreneurship-pond while studying Small Business and Retail Management. However those moments (two to be very precisely) were very limiting and still had a very traditional approach to it. Solely reading books and theories about these specific topics will not give you the required agility or skills. With that experience and knowledge she started creating programs for universities.


The expertise gained over the years while guiding (starting) entrepreneurs with their businesses, allowed her to simulate the real-life experience and help students set up their own companies in a very non-traditional way.

We want to shake up the current education system and help students discover a range of divergent skills and set up real companies from a young age. 

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week programs

Our programs are tailer-made to fit each schools' education level and needs. All programs, however have a learning-by-doing approach and are focused on successfully setting up a (student) business.


The most important aspects of setting up and running a business will be covered, while focussing on developing new skills. Skills range from problem solving, collaboration, creative thinking to presenting, pitching, personal development, reflecting and many more.


Programs run from 5 to 16 weeks and classes are facilitated online or in-person. In both instances, the quality of the classes will never be compromised and are highly creative and interactive.



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