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about us

In the quest of making entrepreneurship accessible to all.

Who we are.

Twenty 6 Consultancy is a learning design & facilitation agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working on location, remotely and digitally allows us to help people across the world.

We have been designing and facilitating non-boring entrepreneurial workshops for organizations across the globe, since launching in 2018. 

What we do.

We design engaging entrepreneurial workshops and programs for higher education, governmental institutions, small business owners, and organizations that host entrepreneurship.


We deliver highly energizing learning experiences that take entrepreneurs away from hypothetical methods into real-world scenarios. We bring order, we bring big energy, we bring experience!

How we do it.

The art of facilitation and the principle learning-by-doing has become our motto. Working collaboratively and interactively has proven to be a method that works for both our clients and their participants. 

After participating in one of our workshops participants will be able to use the insights as a starting point on the path of change and you will be one step closer to reaching your goals.

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