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The story


Twenty 6 Consultancy

About us

Whether you want us to facilitate a workshop for you and your colleagues or if you're interested in participating in Twenty 6 Consultancy's in-house workshops and courses: We help startups and small businesses across the globe become even more successful.

Who we are


Twenty 6 Consultancy is a hands-on firm based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working remotely and digitally allows us to help people across the world.

What we do


If you're planning on starting your own business and need a go-to-market strategy for your start-up idea or already have a start-up, and are in need of a good foundation for your company; we will guide and support you through this process. We will help you avoid making mistakes many entrepreneurs make.

We help companies create roadmaps to develop new or update existing business models, create guidelines for and implement strategic change. We identify problems and come up with creative solutions to leverage change. By providing objectivity and facilitating complete sessions we will help you revitalise your organisation.

Now more than ever, it's important to have an updated and digitalized company. A digital transformation requires much more than investing in new software. It requires knowledge, innovation and an updated business model. We're here to help you with a smooth transformation.

How we do it


The art of facilitation and the principle learning-by-doing has become our motto. Working collaboratively and interactively has proven to be a method that works for both us and our clients. 

After participating in one of our workshops you will be able to use the insights as a starting point on the path of change. We help you set up roadmaps that outline activities and resources that allow you to successfully implement change.